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Smart Girls Finish Rich

I’m a money driven 20 something year old, working hard to improve my finances and create a lifestyle that I love.

My hope is that by sharing my story it will help you increase your financial knowledge, motivate you to improve your financial situation and empower you to make more money $$$$

I’m not obsessed with money. I’m obsessed with the freedom and lifestyle choices money provides.

(but also, I’m a little obsessed with money)

My biggest money wins were all achieved on a a teacher income + side hustle earnings. All while living out of home.

  • Saved a 20% deposit ($90,000) and purchased my dream first apartment in Perth, Australia.
  • Saved $13,000 (so far) for a new car using side hustle income.
  • On track to finish 2021 with NO HECs Debt. $18,000 paid off to date!
  • Travelled Europe for six weeks while saving a house deposit.

Check out my blog posts or follow my Instagram for all the details!

It’s time for your financial glow up!

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