How to make more money? I earned $10,000 from side hustles here is an exact breakdown of the 17 income sources

So you want to make extra money or start a side hustle? Love that for you!

I saved $10,000 in 2020 to buy a ‘new to me’ car in cash. Below I will show where every single side hustle dollar came from #The1000dollarproject

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I really hate cars. They’re expensive to maintain, their value depreciates (worth less over time) and paying for my rego hurts deep in my soul every single year.

However, I really love my 2002 Hyuandi Getz AKA Gertie Getz. I purchased her when I was 15 for $2000 – an absolute steal! She has been my old faithful for over 11 years!

The Getz was a reliable, cheap to run beast. 275,710 km, so far, of the Getz getting you there . Not in style or luxury. But getting you there all the same and never missing a beat. Until she did… first it was the windscreen spray pump failing to pump, then the weird rattle when you went over 100km/h. Both fine. Turn the music up and you won’t even notice the problem! Next came the issues with the lack of high beams and then the brake lights failing to turn off. Not to mention the squeaky breaks. One day the metal that holds the exhaust onto the car literally rusted away and now the pipe has to be held on with wire. Someone snapped a windscreen wiper in half. The tyre got damaged and needed replacing… the aircon stopped working. I ran into a pole and dented the car so badly that a panel fell off the door. The battery went flat and the gear stick started to fall apart…

Did I want to spend money to fix any of these issues when my car was barely worth $500? No! Suddenly, I was ducking down side streets when I saw police because I was scared of getting a yellow sticker! It was official; I needed a new car. I needed new car savings.

I had already set my 2020 financial goals and saving a car was not one of them. I had recently read The $1000 project by Sugar Mumma TV. In this book she describes an approach to saving that really aligned with my motto “every dollar counts”. The basic premise is open a savings account and aim to save $1000 bundles of cash.

You then use the cash to help you achieve a financial goal. This could be investing, paying off debt, extra mortgage repayments or saving for something important… like a car! This money can come from

  • Unexpected financial windfalls: Tax returns, birthday money, winning cash etc.
  • Savings: Finding extra money in your budget, getting a better deal on a purchase, skipping your daily café coffee? Transfer these savings to your $1000 project
  • Extra income: Overtime, side hustles Income, second job etc

A high interest savings account like Up Bank is a good place to store your savings. If you sign up to Up banking here we will both receive $5 instantly. If you make 5 purchases within the first month we will both receive an extra $5 each – winning!

ING also have high interest savings accounts. You can check out my blog about ING here.
If you open an account with this referral code (active until the 31st July 2021) we will both have $100 deposited in our account. My code: GEX485

I highly recommend reading the actual book as it explains the concept in more detail, is so motivational and it provides so many ideas of how to save and earn extra money!

Click on the Image to Buy it on Amazon

As I’m already quite frugal, I decided to focus most of my attention on extra income. I decided I would set a goal to save $10,000 in 2020 using #The1000dollarproject. The catch was that this money could not come form my base salary of my job as a teacher. It had to be extra income! Spoiler alert: I saved $10,000! Below is a breakdown of the sources of this income and an explanation of what they are. I hope this gives you some ideas to start your own #The1000dollarproject.

My 2020 Side Hustle Income Sources

My 2020 Side Hustle Income Sources

1. Second Job: $6082

I got a second job as a cleaner at a police station. I heard this was being advertised by a friend and applied at the last minute. My attitude was “I’ll give it a go and if it’s too much I can always quit”. It was $26 an hour and I had to clean for 9 hours a week- but I could choose my hours which was amazing. I generally worked from 5.30- 7am each day and then went to my main teaching job, Check Seek and JobsWA (or your states equivalent) for second jobs.

2. Ebay: $541

I opened an Ebay account (free) and started selling clothes and items from around my home. Once I ran out of things to sell I started thrifting high quality items from Opshops and garage sales. I would then sell them on Ebay for a profit.

You can read my blog “The beginners step by step guide to setting up and using Ebay to sell your clutter and make money” here.

3. Cash Rewards: $340

Cash Rewards can be accessed on their app or website. When you shop online (and in some stores) you receive a percentage of the money you spend back as ‘cashback’. I actually complete most of my shopping online these days just so I get the cashback! Any cashback I get I transfer to my $1000 Project savings,

  • Download the app here. If you sign up using that link it will activate my referral code. You will get $10 cash into your Cashrewards account and so will I.
  • In the app search an online retailer.
  • Buy through the retailer on their website like normal (but still inside the Cashrewards app)
  • Cashrewards will give you a % of the money you spent back.
  • You can then transfer the money into your savings account.
CashRewards % of cashback

4. Garage Sale: $224

I hosted two garage sales in 2020. One at the start of the year and one in December. My half of the profits was $244. I sold clothes, books, old furniture, DVDs, CDs, plants, board games, kitchen items, car cleaning supplies, accessories, home wares, lamps etc. You could even ask friends or family for donations for your garage sale and split the profit on these items.

Most of the items at my garage sale were low value and sold for $10 or less but all of those small sales add up fast! If you had larger high value items to sell you could make thousands!

I advertised on Gumtree, on my local FB garage page, my local buy, sell, swap page, on Facebook market place, on some community bulletin boards and through my own social media.

5. Containers for Change (AKA Return & Earn): $15

Return your used cans and bottles and receive 10c back per item- it’s honestly the closest you will get to free money! It helps the environment and the money can really add up. Plus if you entertain at home more (which saves you $$) you’re bound to end up with more containers to donate. At least that’s what happened to me! Check out containers for change here. It may be called Return & Earn in your state.

6. Facebook Sales: $110

Selling on Facebook can be VERY frustrating but the money you earn is pure profit (unlike Ebay where they take a percentage of the profits). Post on Facebook Market Place as well as your suburbs Buy, Sell, Swap page. You can also look into private groups where people buy specific brands. For example I sold a wallet on “Perth Mimco Buy and Sell” and a Cue dress on “Australia Cue Preloved”

7. Mobile Monster: $40

Mobile Monster is a company that buys unwanted electronics off you. Phones, tablets, smartwatches, and some laptops. The best thing is they don’t just buy shiny new technology. They even buy phones that don’t work! I sold a iPhone 7 with a cracked screen and an old Samsung that didn’t even turn on. It’s worth checking out just how much the old electronics taking up room in your draw could be worth.

8. Surveys: $107

Online surveys are never going to make you a millionaire but they will make you money! I actually wasn’t very committed to this side hustle. If I was I could have made much more. I personally use Pureprofile and if you sign up here you’ll receive a cash sign up bonus via my referral code.

Streetbees is another option. They have surveys less regularly but pay more when they do. Feel free to use my referral code 4115BQ when signing up for Streetbees.

9. Referral links: $600

This income was thanks to my Instagram account Smartgirls_Finishrich as well as my friends and family. These days so many businesses offer a paid referral program. If you have any type of online following (including your personal social media) or helpful loved ones, you can make money using these.

10.Receipt Jar: $40

Receipt Jar is an app that pays you for photos of your shopping receipts. These can be from online or instore shopping. Each receipt scanned gives you points. When you accumulate enough points you can cash out in the form of gift cards. I generally cash out for Coles / Woolies gift cards. I use these for groceries and transfer the value of the gift card from my expenses account to my savings. Receipt Jar has said they’re working on setting up PayPal payments so fingers crossed on that. Download the app here and sign up using my referral code MACKENK1 for a sign up points bonus.

11. Bank Interest: $311

Get yourself a high interest savings account and let your money earn you money! You can read about that here. At the start of each month I transfer any interest that my accounts have made to my $1000 Project. I love this passive income!

ING: Make an account with this referral code (active until the 31st July 2021) we will both have $100 deposited in our account. My code: GEX485

Up Bank: Make an account here we will both receive $5 instantly. If you make 5 purchases within the first month we will both receive an extra $5 each – winning!

12. Cash Gifts: $150

Everyone loves a cash gift. When I received cash gits for presents I avoided the temptation to spend it. Instead I deposited it into my $1000 project.

13. Overtime: $157

Teachers don’t get paid overtime (boo!) but we can do Internal Relief. That’s when you cover someone else’s class in your prep time (DOTT) and the school pays you for it.

If you can do overtime at work or pick up extra shifts DO IT! Then transfer this extra income to your $1000 dollar project.

14. Tax Return: $97

Tax time! I only got $97 back in tax back for a variety of reasons. You’ll probably get more and this can be used to quickly grow you savings! Even if you get less then me it’s still worthwhile to transfer this ‘windfall income’ to your savings!

15. Bonus: $30

Every now and then sends me emails saying “Book now and receive a $10 bonus”. If I get this email and I know I have accommodation to book I always jump on it. I also make sure to access through the Cash Rewards app for an added money bonus!

16. Roundups: $56

I bank with ING and they have a feature called ‘Roundups” that you can choose to turn on. For example, If I spend $2.50 and have $5 round ups on ING will “round up’ my purchase. So a $2.50 round up would be sent to my savings account. I have $1 round ups turned on. Check if your bank does similar. You don’t even notice these small amounts leaving your spending account but they add up. You can read more about ING on my blog here.

17. Travel Reimbursement $400

When I travel for work I have to pay the travel expenses upfront. Then after course completion my work reimburses me. I sent this reimbursement straight to my savings. I figured if I could afford it upfront I can afford to save this extra money. Especially as I usually receive it a month or so later.

As I said earlier, I highly recommend reading The $1000 Dollar Project by Australian Financial Planner Canna Campbell AKA SugarMummaTV. It is motivational, educational and written in such an engaging way. She gives so many more ideas in this book about earning and saving money.

Click on the Image to buy it on Amazon.

That’s where my $10,000 of savings came from! There are so many ways to make extra money. After reading The $1000 Project, this blog and doing your own brainstorming I’m sure you’ll have plenty of ideas! Remember, send every extra dollar you make to your #The1ooodollarproject !

Every Dollar Counts  

| This post was all about how to use side hustles to increase your income and save more money. |

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